Our lives seem very ordinary at times.  But look closely...at the miracle of a birth, of a breath-taking sunset or the captured embrace of a beloved grandparent.  These are miraculous things, especially because they are so ordinary.  It is easy to miss them in the day-to-day - but when gathered together like this, we're able to see them for what they are – not ordinary, but Ordinary Miracles.

The first time I put my photos to music was to a beautiful song by Sarah McLachlan called "Ordinary Miracles".  I could think of no better way to describe what these shows express.



I'm Wendy Wallace Greiner and I reside in Upstate New York.   I've always been an avid photographer and I've had a life-long affinity for music.  So when I first put my photos to a favorite song, a passion was born.  I love how music makes still photos come alive. 


It is a privilege to work with these keepsakes and share in the special occassions of people's lives.



I let the photos speak for themselves.  I don't over produce.

Every show is unique and your photographs are the most important element.


Use the music and the words for more than just a backdrop.


Tell a story.





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